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Basketball, Checkers, and Bikes

October 26, 2007

It has been a rather exciting week. A kid got knocked out at a branch basketball game and started going into shock. I started doing treatment and stuff, and keeping people from trying to do CPR or other things. We gave him a blessing and he came out of it in a couple of seconds, but then people started ignoring me and sat him up, so he passed out. We took him to the hospital; he was out for about three hours. He’s fine, but he can’t remember anything from the game.

We have started trying to do more branch activities that involve people. Elder Ruiz and I came up with this giant checker board made out of rope for about a buck for all the kids at mutual. Usually, the same two people give talks for an hour, so attendance is way low, but it was way good this week. People actually got up and started interacting with each other. President Anderson liked what we were doing, so we have an OK to keep . . . doing it (tegex- it’s a verb in Mongolian that means “to do that”, it is used all the time, but it sounds dumb in English)

I’ve lost 12 k so far, my suit looks way huge now. Anywho, we might get bikes, President Anderson was reading the blog and realized how much we walk. So that would be cool. We have a lot of area to cover, and taxis are expensive and one way only.

Oh: We made home made cinnamon rolls. It was good.


Dogs and Camels

October 19, 2007

So, basically, I rode a camel today. I think that sums it up.

No life risking tales this week. [The following two sentences from last week’s email were omitted until Mom was through processing the info: Well, it has started snowing, it was -4 F this morning, and I got bit by a dog. A good week all in all. (Yes, I called the doctor, and I’m fine. There’s a little tear and my pants and a bruise where it bit but didn’t get through my pants.)]

We worked our booties off until P-day, offroaded across 20 km of flood plane to get to one of the little towns way out on the edge of our work area to see where one of the elder’s dad grew up. While we were there, some guy let us take pictures on his camels.
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We went down to the prison, too. While there, we talked with a guy who was one of the prisoners over the other inmates. The guards just let him walk around the yard in front of the prison since they knew he wouldn’t run. He was a way smart guy, who spoke English without a trace of accent. He went to school in America, but got busted smoking weed in Mongolia, so he’s in jail for the next 10 years. While we were talking to him, he just kinda stopped and said, “Freak, I’m retarded.”

One of the soldiers ran us off after that.

Gan Bold Nourishes Elder Byrd (& gives him a bite to eat)

October 14, 2007

I think I finally get that part in the Bible where the woman says she’s going to use oil and flour to make a cake for her and her son and then die. One of our investigators had to quit the job at the mine because he’s getting too old. He started running out of money but kept insisting on feeding us a little every time we came over. So he and his little daughter made these little dough cake and put oil on the tops before rolling them up and putting them over the fire. He got a job a week later, but he’s going to have to go 30 miles into the country over the winter and leave his daughter at his wife’s apartment . . . Maybe ask the ward to remember him in their fasts. Brother Gan Bold.

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Branch Outing

October 14, 2007

Can you find Elder Byrd? MOM did not spot him until the THIRD look! 😳

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