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First Transfer

November 25, 2007

Well, being transferred to the city Sunday. I am going to be in the Cukhbaatar (Sükhbaatar) district.Kinda sad, really fell in love with the area, but Ruiz is staying, so that’s good. The name of my new area means “Ax Hero”, so that counts for something. It’s the name of one of the more famous historical figures, look it up if you’re interested.

So for this last week, my sketchers are half way torn off each sole now, the bikes let us do 4x our normal work, and I walked arm in arm with a drunk for 2 miles so he sent his daughter to church. We have been teaching the family of a lady named Seren Dolger. They fed us one time, and . . . well, there’s really no polite way to say it, I’ve eaten three more pieces of a lamb’s nether regions than I ever thought I would, so that was exiting.

It has been a rapping up week, saying good bye to all our investigators and new members, getting pictures for people who want them today.

Went out to the Baganuur city sign to get our pictures today, almost froze my hand on the metal letters. The wind off the plains makes those puppies COLD.
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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

November 20, 2007

We are in the city trying to find bikes today. There may just be 3 for sale in the entire area of UB. Anyways, made 6 CDs from my memory cards to ship back, probably going to stick letters in the package, too.

As far as work, it’s finally starting to pay out. We have 4 baptismal dates and a whole family who wants to be baptized. It’s coming right before transfers, but we don’t care, just happy to see the branch growing. My shoes died this week. We came in house and I noticed that the sweat in my socks had frozen. Inspected my shoes and realized the reason was that the leather had started tearing off the soles and just tearing in general. I still have my birdman boots and winter boots, so I’m good.

We spent a lot of this week getting harassed by cops. They tried to confiscate our passports and work cards, but everybody knows better, so we just had 4 hours of our time wasted. We dug a 3 foot deep hole through concrete with a metal rod to help or investigators, which was cool. Most of their family likes us now ’cause of it. We also built a giant pyramid out of the youth.

Anyway, transfers are next week, so I’ll probably send some long winded letter next week.

Another Witness

November 12, 2007

Today I received the following from the Mission President’s Wife:

We went to church in Baganoor yesterday and saw Elder Byrd. He is doing very well there. He looked great. I told him about your request for him to buy some special treats for himself. He confirmed that he knew he was supposed to do it. He and his companion were working with the branch choir after church and they asked me for a few tips, but they didn’t need my help. They have a great little branch with good members.

Sister Andersen

I am not surprised he is working with the choir. While he doesn’t have his dad’s training, he does have his ears.


November 9, 2007

The usual this week.

Work, work and work again; not a bad thing though.

The most out of the ordinary thing is that we went to a part of Baganuur that missionaries have apparently never really visited. It’s called Railroad Baganuur. It’s about 2-3 miles away from city center near the mine. We were walking back from English when we decided to detour through the town. We met a lady that had met the missionaries 10 years ago when they first came to Baganuur. She even remembered that the Book of Mormon hadn’t been translated all the way and asked if it was finished. We gave her one and she excitedly took it. Told her where the new building was and she said she’d come Sunday. Just makes me think a lot.

Planning a lot for the ward, going to see how it turns out this week.

Oh yeah, making picture CD’s and letters today.

Halloween Mongolian Style

November 1, 2007

Yeah, they made a change for pouch mail rules, now it’s only one piece of paper folded over with a stamp on it. I’m going to find some Mongolian postage and send stuff home, soon, I think.

Yeah, we had District conference this weekend; it’s basically stake conference for all the branches. I met up with most of my MTC district. All the bums have new suits since they live in the city, the bums. Everybody seems in good condition. I only understood about 30% of the translated broadcast. English translates hard into Mongolian. Thought my head was going to explode. 😯 Also ended up doing a day of work as senior companion, which was weird. We didn’t die, so I guess we did okay.

We organized a Halloween party with the youth for mutual. I think it may have been the first time anyone in the branch really had any involvement in setting up an activity. We did a room and the young men and young women did the two other rooms. 70 People showed up, that’s a mad house for here. About 20 or so were our investigators, we taught a short lesson to open, and then we actually got them socializing with the members. It went way good. Especially happy with the way our room turned out. We had 21 year old wanna be gangsters screaming their lungs out.
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Other than that, just working hard this week, finally starting to pick a lot of progressing investigators. And I don’t remember if I mentioned before, but we might get bikes, so whoop.