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December 28, 2007

My L D S Mail
Timed Me Out For My Safety
Deleted Email


We’re fine. We’re all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

December 21, 2007

Yeah, it’s sometimes -5 F here…. in the day. Last night Cook’s thermometer bottomed out at -20 F at about 7 pm. But fear not, here is a picture of what I really wear.

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The only reason frost freezes on my eyelashes is because the tiny slit that I look out of. My real clothing is a neck gator, scarf, double layer wool beanie, ski gloves north face jacket liner, trench coat with the collar popped up, thermal bottoms, and my thinsulate boots. In all honesty, neither I nor my companion feels the cold too bad right now, but apparently this winter going to be way bad, so we’re going to hit up the open market one last time today. I’m also getting my canvas and supplies for the painting for the Christmas party too.

The news this week:

• Got my suit and deel (rhymes with health).

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• Got bit on the hand by another 80 pound guard dog. I was wearing my leather gloves and divine protection so all I got was a little blood blister and a good giggle with my companion.
• Had some people try to steal our investigator’s dogs, too (the same dogs that follow us everywhere). They wanted to make dog ear oil medicine to sell. But that, sir, frankly does not fly. They got mad at us for stopping them, but got so flustered when we kept asking them what dog ear oil did that they just left.
• Oh yeah, we have a baptismal date with the same investigator now. She’s going in right after the New Year. She’s way good. She met with the elders 2 years ago but lost track when she moved into the city.

Anyways, to quote, “We’re fine. We’re all fine here now, thank you. How are you?”

Oh yeah! Almost forgot… somehow. Doctrine and Covenants came out this week. Cook and I helped the Zone Leaders sell them this week (and by sell, I mean cover the 60 cent printing cost). It was way awesome; the first one we gave out was to a return missionary who served back in the 90’s. Its way cool, we’ve been working a lot with the members this week.

Oh yeah and on a random management note, could you put more of the pictures of just Mongolia on a page of the blog. I just want other people to see what I see in this place.

Oh yeah, I’m calling around 6:30 am Dec 26!!!!! UB time! I think that comes out around 5-6 pm ish Dec 25 your time.

Kafi Avakhaar

December 14, 2007

Fun word of the day: Kafi avakhaar – to get your jollies

(to do something to have fun, but I love this translation)

Don’t worry, I’m hitting up the zaakh for the last bits of stuff I need.

So the week in review: My companion turned 20. We had an awesome dinner at the senior couples house. First (well prepared) home cooked meal in 6 months. Yummy.

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And speaking of 6 months, Hadfield from my MTC group called me last night. I hadn’t really realized it. I’m 1/4 of the way in. I hadn’t kept track of it.

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Went out with our branch missionaries today and played soccer in a foot of fresh snow on all the old ice. No one is worse for wear, but I did get a sweet FP video of me slide tackling my companion. Finally at the point where I can carry on a conversation about just about anything and kinda get the drift of it.

Oh yeah, and on the way back, the axel and wheel broke out of the van. Everything just shot out still attached to the wheel.

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And on a random note, my breath freezes on my eye-lashes now. People burn so much coal now, you can look straight into the noon day sun and it just looks like a dull orange dot. But on the up side, you get way cool sunsets and rises.

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I ate a sheep’s head. It tastes like bacon. I miss bacon.

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I’m getting my new suit and custom deel tomorrow.

Anywho, we go forward and we work. We picked up 3 way sweet families this week. They really want to learn. They even to get agitated when our Mongolian goes out on us.

Favorite College English Class
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Pictures Say It Better

December 7, 2007

We’ve been busy, too. Our work area has a mountain in the middle of it. It’s actually faster to climb it than to go around, so that’s what we do. There are these rock monuments on all the high peaks. They serve several of purposes from what I’ve picked up. It’ll make for interesting homework if you want to find out.

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City air is nasty, I hadn’t really realized that until we climbed the peak above the smog.

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Oh yeah, I’m doing a painting for the Christmas display at the main building. I’m still trying to find canvas and stuff, though.

Also getting letters and stuff together to send home over Christmas, any odd bits of Mongolia you want?

Lots of random stories with drunks this week, but nothing out of the ordinary, the pictures say it better.

(Note from Mom: There were no pictures of drunks, but these dogs have adopted the Elders and keep strays away from them.)

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That’s Just How He Rolls

December 4, 2007

Some things have changed a lot, while others not so much.

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Everything is Freaking Wagner’s Fault

December 2, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Working and adjusting to my new district this week. Sukhbaatar district is out way on the edge of UB and it’s huge. We climbed the mountain in the middle of our area and still couldn’t see all of it. We actually went contacting off the edge of the map and that’s only half way into our area.

Dad will be interested to know we have a Richard Wagner mug. And everything is freaking Wagner’s fault.

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I guess to back track a little, I almost decided to sneak out of my area without saying goodbye to anyone. The picture I sent back before was when they found out Harding was leaving a week earlier. They took that group picture and took a few other pictures for about 15 minutes and left. I figured no one would really miss me that much. I ended up letting it out that I was leaving Friday night after a baptism. We ended up staying for another hour and a half before we finally had to leave. A couple of people even made me promise to come back.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I also got a picture with one of our way good families that night too. They made us way good ribs and the grandma hugged and sniffed me for about 10 seconds (the way it got told to me, it’s incase they go blind before they see you again). One of our new members came to see us off in the morning, too. All in all it made leaving a little easier.