10 Fold Silly Factor

I’m looking forward to the package. We had the branch outing this weekend, played a lot of ice hockey and Mongolian wrestling. Missionaries aren’t allowed to go sledding, so I did running, but slid down an ice covered mountain (Hey, I got permission from the ZL’s). Finally remembering all my old martial arts training when I wrestle. I relearned an important lesson this week about not changing your style. Mongolians wrestle aggressively, and I kept getting wasted a month ago because I went like everybody else. I remembered patience and weight sinking Saturday. Went for 5 minutes in a match with our security guard before he got comfortable then I dropped him under his own weight. Also finally went 1 win 1 loss 1 tie with Tumur, his name means steel, and he’s built like it. I’ve seen him lose once before to one of the wry members of the high priest quorum. Yeah, I was a little proud 😀

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We have two more people with baptismal interviews Saturday, so hurrah.


4 Responses to “10 Fold Silly Factor”

  1. Dad Says:

    The Ulan Bator mission must be one of the few missions in which wrestling is allowed! Somehow, I don’t see the guys in Provo South grappling with members of the HP quorum on 900 East…

  2. Mom Says:

    Perhaps … but then again most of the world would NOT survive church basketball 😉 Reminds me of the stories of Joseph Smith and his love of the stick pull game. It’s been two decades but I think 401N 900 E was in the East Stake – I think the north boundary of Provo South Stake was down around Center Street – fyi Los Hermanos is still there … Todd and Colleen Peterson are still in Springville we could get them to check on all the details including the wrestling!

  3. lorraine Says:

    You can wrestle, but not sled? Quite odd. XD
    Anyways, good to hear that you’re still havin’ all kinds of fun and win on your mission trip.
    You keep being awesome, and I’ll keep checkin out your blog.
    *high fives*

  4. Mom Says:

    I was wondering about the “no sledding rule” . . . until the evening news.

    How Sledding Became an Extreme Sport
    Could the Rocket Redefine Sledding as an Extreme Sport?
    Jan. 29, 2008

    On mountains across the country, thrill seekers are flying off cliffs, traversing through trees and doing flips in the air. All with a piece of plastic strapped to their legs.

    It’s not your father’s snow sled. It’s called the Mad River Rocket and some users are taking this sled to the extremes.

    You can check out the details at abcnew.com

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