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First Week in Third Area

February 25, 2008

So, first week after transfer; not much really happened…
I’m over in the city center now, not much really happens here. Go in and out of buildings, find people, talk to people, etc. My language has shot up this week. Ended up teaching a whole lesson one day, so that was sweet. Been working on placing a Book of Mormon with every person with whom I speak, and it works rather well.
Hmm, not much else is going on. Two of the members from my old branch came out all the way across the city to give me balloons Sunday, which was cool.
Meh, I’ll just send all the Tsaagan Sar pictures today.


Tsagaan Sar

February 15, 2008

I made a copy of my pictures for one of the missionaries who just went home, so one of the office elders has my Tsagaan Sar card, so I’ll send more next week.

Well, this week was mostly just Tsagaan Sar. We had a hard time getting in houses because everyone was getting ready and didn’t have time to meet with us. Met with a lot of members this week, a billion people invited us over for TsS.

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I think my companion and I hold this year’s record for eating buuz at 222 and 200. Cook got more than me because I ate a whole bunch that were still a little raw (exu.. ecsu…I don’t remember how to spell excussesesess…ss… anymore…). it was sweet, we wore deels for 2 days straight.

It’s one of those things that shouldn’t make your head big, but it was cool. A lot of people said that we were their favorite companionship that’s been in Sukhbaatar in along time. The usual reason was that we were just so happy all the time, we made people laugh, and we worked hard. It was sweet. Even the senior couples said they like us.

Transfer calls were Wednesday; I’m going to Enkhtaivan branch in the city with Elder Harding (I was with him in Baganuur). Should be sweet, I heard the branch there was way awesome.

Pecans were much enjoyed, one of my ZLs is from the south (ish, he’s from Virginia, but he knows chittlins, so I give it to him) so we shared. I cooked out of the wok, made enough food for 4 elders with massive leftovers.

khairtai shuu


February 9, 2008

I’m emailing early this week because of Tsagaan Sar (lunar new year).

So, Bolormaa (say it more like bothrmaa) was baptized Friday. She was way excited for it. One of the Elders who taught her 2 years ago did the baptism. In total, there were 5 people from our building branch that went in last Friday.

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There was a big branch activity Saturday. We all went down to a high school gym for a couple hours, played basketball, ate, drank, and wrestled. Cook and I would occasionally do standing stuffs on people just because we could. I got in another 15 minute match with our security guard, finally got him after sweeping both his legs from the inside. Arms were aching for the next 2 days.

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We had another escapade with persons on alcohol. Remember how Brother Peterson said we would one day be grateful for everything we had ever been through? That Saturday, I was grateful that I was adjusted to calming someone down as they’re thrashing out at you, being able to tell someone that there is a way out, and just the situation of being in a house like that.

I was the mouthpiece of the ordinance conferring the gift of the Holy Ghost to Bolormaa Sunday, so that was sweet.

Zone Conference was Tuesday. I actually understood almost all of it this time.

We did service Wednesday. Moved a lot of 10-15 firewood logs around. Just by weight and leverage we got it done faster because we could move one on our own. Also made fry bread.

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Package came, we’re all fine.


Much to Contemplate

February 2, 2008

The death of the prophet sent a shock through the mission. Every single Mongolian member has only known President Hinckley. Cook and I ended up telling a lot of the Sister Missionaries, many of them cried, but after that, they almost all said, “but now he gets to live with his beloved wife”.

So let’s see. Learned to throat sing this week. It sends this crazy ringing feeling all through my head when I hit it right. Also confuses the heck out of everyone when a random foreigner just starts doing it down the street, but hey, I got a contact out of it.

Speaking of priesthood quorums and wrestling, I got dropped by the 60 year old elders quorum president; it’s harder than it looks.

Spent about an hour trying to go 200 feet because of snow drifts, the snow was crazy deep and almost ice, but if we stepped too hard we would go down to our hips.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tsagaan Sar is next week. One of our members is hand making us wrestler boots.

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