Tsagaan Sar

I made a copy of my pictures for one of the missionaries who just went home, so one of the office elders has my Tsagaan Sar card, so I’ll send more next week.

Well, this week was mostly just Tsagaan Sar. We had a hard time getting in houses because everyone was getting ready and didn’t have time to meet with us. Met with a lot of members this week, a billion people invited us over for TsS.

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I think my companion and I hold this year’s record for eating buuz at 222 and 200. Cook got more than me because I ate a whole bunch that were still a little raw (exu.. ecsu…I don’t remember how to spell excussesesess…ss… anymore…). it was sweet, we wore deels for 2 days straight.

It’s one of those things that shouldn’t make your head big, but it was cool. A lot of people said that we were their favorite companionship that’s been in Sukhbaatar in along time. The usual reason was that we were just so happy all the time, we made people laugh, and we worked hard. It was sweet. Even the senior couples said they like us.

Transfer calls were Wednesday; I’m going to Enkhtaivan branch in the city with Elder Harding (I was with him in Baganuur). Should be sweet, I heard the branch there was way awesome.

Pecans were much enjoyed, one of my ZLs is from the south (ish, he’s from Virginia, but he knows chittlins, so I give it to him) so we shared. I cooked out of the wok, made enough food for 4 elders with massive leftovers.

khairtai shuu


One Response to “Tsagaan Sar”

  1. Dad Says:

    So I didn’t know what the heck a buuz was. Thank goodness for Wikipedia and mongolfood.info. I now also know that handmade buuz (buuzes? buuzen?) are theoretically better than the “storebought” variety. I also now know what that big pile o’ stuff is just in front of you in the picture–ul boov (shoecakes).

    I can’t believe you ate 200 buuz. I *can*, however, believe that you are happy, make people laugh, and are folks’ favorite companionship.

    Note that I most certainly WOULD recommend that you avoid boodog. Wow.


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