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Small World

March 30, 2008

Hi:  We met these two great Elders yesterday at the Church Service Center in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.  Looks like Elder Byrd is having a little difficulty reading Mongolian! We are serving a mission here as well. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket We come from Tallahassee Florida, and have family in Brewton AL going to church in Jay, FL.  They are the Sessions and Lands.  Elder Byrd’s family may have run into them in their travels to visit relatives in south Alabama.  The Elders are doing great, looking healthy and happy.  Thanks for all that you do to support them in the mission field.  Elder and Sister Clark, Country Directors of Welfare and Humanitarian Services



March 27, 2008

[Mom: Sister Andersen tells me that your companion is gaining weight on your cooking (a nice compliment to the chef) – anymore sauce requests or have you found a supply?]

I’m starting to find where you can buy stuff here to make food, but could you tell me how to make adobo chicken?

[Mom: Sister Andersen told me that the Clarks have an office on the ground floor of the church building (the Clarks are the parents of Sister Sessions from Jay) and the Olpins, the couple your Utah cousin Steve Ledkins knows serve in Darkhan.]

I’ll start trying to find all the people I need to say hey to.

Found some sweet investigators this week. We have one family that we’re going to set baptimal date with tonight, they asked to us before we even brought it up. Works getting good, finding alot of people, and i’m getting to the point were I can talk about most anything and get by.


Was Elder Manukia’s Birthday this week, we hit him in the face with pie.

[Mom: I will be sure that President Archibald knows you’re playing Rugby.]

And my district doesn’t play rugby, we win it 😎

Played Rugby

March 21, 2008

The work goes forward. It’s picking up, too. We end up teaching most of the day now, it’s cool.

Dinner works by everyone going outside and eating, or going to a restaurant after district meeting. We’re cooking for the district this week.

High points of the week: My companion hit his year, we ate cake. Dust storms hit, we went to work, and played rugby, we won 😀 (We’re doing email late today, we ended up sitting in the main building forever for pday) and no word from dad.

love you all

Big Burger

March 13, 2008

Spring… yeah, it’s snowing again.

I just helped a guy fix his medical translation. Cool.

So, high points of the week. Found “Big Burger”. It’s Mongolian McD’s. Went after district meeting, the place is seriously American, it’s crazy.

Hit my 9 month mark, it’s weird; the sisters from my group just hit their half way mark. We all went out to dinner to celebrate. Much socially acceptable rejoicing was had. Now that I think of it, I hit half way next transfer, huh. Also downed 5 plates of stir fry.

Speaking of, lost 40 pounds since the start of my mission now. Woop.

Judged the English Olympiad for the high school we teach. It’s got 3-4 branches all around the city. They had everyone gathered at the main building for this Q and A thing, and thy wanted us to read over a bunch of essays for grammar and what not. Was pretty chill, farted around with the English students, ours kinda had an advantage just because they were the only ones who always are talking to Americans. Go us.

And please send BOTH things of pecans.

Crouching Elder, Tiny Hat‏

March 6, 2008

Duh, it’s a TINY hat; of course it’s hard to see.

On that note, I realized today that I have half written letters to about 5 people.

My bad…

Anywho, another day, not another dollar, but I am permanently recorded on a member’s house wall now. They have a spot were they marked all their kids heights as they grew, so they marked mine there since it’s a foot and a half above their tallest.

Went on a split with a Mongolian elder, didn’t speak English all day, so that was sweet, also learning sign language so I can talk to all our deaf members.

Still kinda brain dead, but there are two movies I want to try to send.

P-day in Terelj

March 2, 2008

Been sick some this week. I’m sure every mission has it’s own name for when it comes in doubles, but here we just call it “The Chinggis”. So it’s been fun. Lots of sleeping, not so much eating until today, but I’m getting better, going to go out to work today.

P-day I went out with a couple of the zones to Terelj. Just chilled out on some rocks and enjoyed some fresh air. There’s this thing they call turtle rock. It looks kinda like a turtle. You can climb up between the head and the shell, but that was more climbing than I was up for. There is a monastery up the valley on the mountain-side.