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I Got Mad Dunk Skills

April 27, 2008

Yeah, that was lame.

Anways, found out the camera was a pretty good price. Electronics are way expensive here. A Ho-hum camera is about 300.

So anyways, the baptisms were the younger brothers of our new member, they had all been going to different churches originally, but after bayarlkharvaa, the younger brothers got interested, and the parents that used to about hate us let us in the house now, and the mom shoots the breeze with us about the church. They all said they plan to work on their parents. 😀

Transfer calls are Wednesday, no freaking idea what’s going to happen. yaaxav dee

Random language note, I had a 30 minute conversation with a taxi driver who has a side job as a photographer about Photoshop, shooting styles, random ideas. I didn’t even know I could do that, was sweet (and got his referral, win)


Triple the Fun

April 21, 2008

Random Thing on the Camera
Sent: Sun 4/20/08 11:03 PM

I found one for $460 that’s way good from one of the legit department stores, do I have permission? Or is that a little much?

Re: Principles, Practices, and Paradigms
Sent: Mon 4/21/08 12:20 AM

Got the box, thanks for the pies! Main focus on the week has been our investigators that are going in for baptism this week. Everything else has been eaten up with zone conference, firesides and English preparation this week, but it’s good. Keep bumping into a lot of people I met when I first came to Mongolia, is awesome to actually be able to just shoot the breeze (example- talking with a one armed return missionary about how funny it was that he was companions with the other guy in the mission, but that his nub was better because the other nub made too many cookies on P-day. How’s that for random). Had another random break through this week, words actually come out of my mouth without needing to spend the usual 1-2 second pause that comes when I’m talking about something new. Most importantly, I can rag on people in Mongolian now, and that’s a fuzzy feeling (and teach fluid lessons, too) Transfers are coming up, really have no idea what’s happening, trying to keep my head buried in work so I don’t think about it too much, no transfer trunkies!

myldsmail ate my email again
Sent: Mon 4/21/08 12:25 AM

I’m fine; we’re all fine up here, how about you? p.s. – 3 baptisms this Friday “w00t”

My Camera Is No More

April 15, 2008

My camera is no more. I think it came out of my bag in the middle of the Mongolian mountains. Mostly mad about the memory card. Going to get around to buying a new one. Sorry….

Anywho, General Conference was sweet. I’m going to print some of the talks, a many of the talks were exactly Preach My Gospel, and taught a lot better than me. Work is getting better; we have 2 families with baptismal dates, and one that gets one as soon as we meet with them again.

Getting goofier, if that’s possible. I accidentally incited a flick battle after a fireside with some members at the main building, but it helps. I find myself a lot more laid back now, it’s a good thing.

Emails will get better and longer next week, I’ve fallen behind on keeping track of what happens so I sit down and don’t know what to write.

And my package is still not found.

Oh yeah! We got permission to teach our students songs in English.

Could you send me some stuff from Gorrilaz and Gnarls Barkley? We got requests to teach what the songs mean, and I know their lyrics are safe.

No News Yet

April 12, 2008

No news from Mongolia yet this weekend, but Mom won a football autographed by Nick Saban!

 She would glady trade it for her email . . .  😥

Goofy District Sets 10 Baptismal Dates

April 3, 2008

That’s not the old baggy suit [in the photo with the Clarks], that’s the suit I had made 3 months ago.

Nothing from dad, haven’t seen the package at the main building, but sometimes it takes awhile.

I will be buying more memory cards this week. In addition to the messenger bag, my steel toed boots would be cool, as would athletic socks colored black (the gold toes are way hot, and… uh… that does it. I’m thinking about buying a new camera within the next couple of months. Mine’s coming apart under all the use the first two transfers. Some of the screws fell out and the back of the main lens keeps getting dirtier. I’m going to take it into the Fuji film repair place, but from what I’ve heard from most of the elders, they have no idea what they are doing.

But anyways, works getting good, have about 10 people with baptismal dates, and a way sweet family that’s about to set one. District got changed at half transfer, moved one of the Mongolian sisters out to the country-side in Erdenet. She was kinda … not happy at first, our district is really goofy, and Erdenet’s is… not. But she’s doing well from what I hear.

Would send pictures but the port is busted on this computer.

Thanks for the recipe!