I Built a Ger

I built a ger, yeah, how’s that for freaking cool. I’d send pictures, but I don’t have a USB port on this computer, and that’s lame. It was nuts. We were trying to get the whole thing build before a massive rainstorm hit, and we didn’t quite make it. It was movie quality. We were on the side of this mountain watching clouds that were so close the ground that the front swallowed the mountains as it came in. The temperature dropped from 80 to below freezing in about 15 minutes and the wind was all over the place. We managed to get the main roofing up before the worst hit, but we were still out for about an hour trying to get everything else tied down. A lady saw us working in the rain and invited us all over after we finished since she was impressed that we would help (oh yeah, the couple we were helping was a deaf man and wife in their late 40s) She went to church last Sunday from it, cool.

There have been a lot of breakthroughs this week for both Elder Byambadorj and me. I’ve started trying to focus on nothing but the good in my companion, and like President Andersen said in Zone conference, looking to see where he will be in a year on his mission and not in a few days. He wants to be a good missionary and he’s got a good knowledge of the scriptures. He wants to do good work. He’s unabashed; it’s got us into a house that we might not have gotten into otherwise. As for me, I can say that I fully love my companion now. Neither of us is the person he was 3 weeks ago, and I mean that in the best way. We pray more for each other, I try to apologize more; the loss of the spirit isn’t worth pride. Patience and diligence has increased incredibly between us.

District conference was this weekend. It was sweet, I got to see and talk to all the people in my first and second branch that I never got to know too well a year a go. There were some people I knew would be happy to see me, but what surprised me was that everyone I bumped into remembered me, wanted to know why I hadn’t written more, the first councilor called me over and personally introduced me to a family friend that had just joined the church, and almost everyone I met asked if I would ever come back or if I could request to be sent back (can I?). To say I was a little baffled was an over statement. I asked some of the branch missionaries why it mattered to anyone. I could barely speak, and didn’t do anything over-the-ordinary for the branch. The answer summed up as this: Ruiz and I were always happy, helped on the little things, and everyone knew that we loved them more than anything. The same goes for some of the people I talked to from Sukhbaatar. It’s so simple that I feel stupid. I want to love everyone. Everything that’s good and needs doing in this work will come from it.

Woah… it is gonna be a year soon.

Anywho, stuff to send with the messenger bag . . . um: black athletic socks, a pair of 38-40 black jeans (my old ones are torn to bits and goofily big, and the biggest pants in Mongolia are a Chinese 36), my “Got Tao” shirt, shoe insoles are always good, pecan pie, a pony, 38 cases of IBC root beer, a small service monkey to get my water from the freezer and wash my feet.

Oh yeah, and I’m sorry for all the times I was retarded and didn’t listen to you as a teenager, and for doing all the stuff that came from not listening. Sorry. I love you mommy.


2 Responses to “I Built a Ger”

  1. lorraine Says:

    “Oh yeah, and I’m sorry for all the times I was retarded and didn’t listen to you as a teenager, and for doing all the stuff that came from not listening. Sorry. I love you mommy.”

    Wow! It’s not everyday a kids says that to his parents! Your mom must be crying with pride!
    You’ve already changed so much and it’s only been about a year! (I hope you don’t change -too- much though! Greg, the other Newburgh kids, and I miss our Chris Byrd a lot! When you get back, we all need to go to another anime convention together. )

  2. Uncle Joey Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Just checked out your blog. You’ve become quite an impressive young man! Wisdom well ahead of your years! I guess that might be one of the reasons for missions! Stay safe, grow and learn as much as you can. I’ll visit the site more often!

    Uncle Joey

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