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Elder come back! Elder come back!

June 30, 2008

Hellotsraana you nar. saikhan sleepsen yy.

Anywho, the week in review:

Teaching English at Mongolia Telecom now, it’s pretty sweet. Most of my classes refuse to believe that a 21 year old kid is living on the other half of the world teaching English. For that matter, they all think I’m 28-29. They all want to learn, so classes are pretty active. My contact there is the department head, and he’s pretty interesting.

Tegeed ran mutual this week. Had the kids run 30 minutes of it, and I helped them do the other half. It went good, they told me a lot of the missionaries don’t really get into it that much so it gets kind of boring, so I’m trying to help them take more control so they can be involved and do what they want. Found out 2 of the girls there have absolutely amazing English but they just don’t talk that much. They want me to teach a class at our building, but it’s kind of hard to sort out all the stuff with the office.

Dug 2 more feet out of that hole, then i turned 2 kids into a living helicopter, and that was cool.

Anyways, we’re working and walking, and the sprain in my foot is almost all the way gone after 2 months. Speaking of pain, my companion is getting 2 root canals on Wednesday. Yeah. And then… I can’t think of anything relevant to say. So, I love you and I’m done.


Families We are Teaching

June 23, 2008

See June 9th for details.

Dolgormaa’s family:

EnkhTubshin, her sons and a ward member:

Elder Go Down Hole

June 23, 2008

Anywho, been working with my new comp this week, it’s been sweet. I’m running short on time so it’s another brief letter. We did service for one of our new member families this week. Dug an out-house hole for about three hours through clay and rocks, was pretty sweet, other than that nothing too amazing.

The Mongolian elections are going on, and it is kind of annoying, but now we do street lessons to the people that try to give us fliers.

Second Son Arrives by Train Wednesday

June 16, 2008

We just get wailed on by dust storms. One big one left a pretty thick layer of dust all over the . . . well everything including my bed.

It is transfer call time again, my kid is going out to Erdenet to be the district leader’s comp and my new companion is named Tuvshinjaral. He’s coming in from Zuun Kharaa. Pretty excited, going to go get him from the train station this Wednesday.

As for work, we picked up a lot of families this week. We’ve been working a lot with the families that are only part member and it’s been pretty sweet. Two kids, 10 and 12 year old, started teaching their mom about the word of wisdom and prayer, and she’s starting to follow the principles.

My foots still a little messed up from getting sprained a few weeks ago, but now it’s almost all leveled out. Hit my year mark on my mission, still trying to wrap that around my head. It doesn’t feel like that much time has passed. Anyways, love you all, going to try to send a few pictures if I can.

BBQ and a Baptism

June 9, 2008

Joy is brought through the spreading of joy, if so then my joy is full.

Sweet week, this computer is going to bust so this is going to be a fast email.


I took my district and some of my new members to BBQ Chicken for birthday lunch. My new members got me a watch because the clasp pin got messed up on the one from dad, and I never have time to go fix it. They spent 7 dollars on the watch, rent and utilities total 30 dollars here.

I spent dinner hour sitting up on top of a mountain, looking at the city and just thinking.

Baptized a lady named EnkhTuvshin, and now her kids are taking the lessons too. Picked up our new member’s dad as an investigator, he’s a pilot trainer and he’s got way sweet English.

Ooskoo Bayarbat Bayartsogt say “medekhrui ” gene (I don’t know)

Hello, we are your son’s friends and Tsogtoo is hungry.

Anywho, love you all.


June 1, 2008

Yeah, the weathers been nuts. The snow storm didn’t hit the city as hard, but we had about 2 inches of snow in the morning. My companion says that this is the coldest he’s ever seen. Alot of people think there’s not going to be much of a summer, which means nothings going to get too green, which kinda stinks.

So, the high point: There’s a Ferrari in Mongolia. It’s an older model, but IT’S A FERRARI. I got a picture of my comp standing next to it.

We have another lady going in for baptism this week. She’s a friend of one of the members, so we really didn’t have to do much. She’s such a sweet lady. It’s going to be my companions first investigator taught from start to finish, so he’s way stoked about it.

We have been trying to contact all of our old referrals in the ger district. We search for 2 hours and find like 1 or 2. It’s good exercise though, we go up and down the same foothills over and over, and we can almost run it now. But, from all the walking around, works getting better. And, for now, all my English is on break so we can work all day.

I started learning sign language more this week; it’s way sweet. I’ve got pretty good friends with the deaf branch missionaries and learn a lot from them. I bumped into one of my old English students who’s almost entirely deaf and taught her a lesson. It was freaking hard, but it was way sweet. My student thought it was funny. It was me, my comp [anion], a branch missionary, and her, and the only people who could communicate were a deaf Mongolian and an American. I’ve done 2 street lessons, too. It’s like being in my first transfer again; it’s kinda funny to me. I hit my year mark, can kinda speak, and then I start trying to pick up a new language.

Anywho, here are some pictures from last week.