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Chocolate Pancakes

August 27, 2008

We had the cold snap that starts fall and went from needing to down a gallon of water a day, to wearing hoodys at basketball and dealing with cold hands. That’s kinda cool though.

Probably the biggest thing that’s been on me this week is trying to get better at translating. The fact that I’m the only link between anyone and Elder Anderson, I’ve been working on cramming as much new language in my head as I possibly can. It’s odd to think about how you take your own language for granted, or just the ability to talk about anything. I’ve been picking up all those little things that I would never just decide to sit down and study like, light sensor, teeth on a key, weeds, recharger etc, but it’s been good, it pushes me a lot so it keeps me developing. Also translated a temple interview and that was interesting to say the least.

Man, the weeks are flying, it’s hard to keep track of what happened when anymore . . . did service pulling weeds at one of the older sisters houses, which then turned into me and Ganbold having a wrestling match that when on for about 15 minutes until we were so filthy that no one would stand next to us. That was cool.

yeah, we run around and do a lot for the branch, so it’s all cool, also getting used to the new part of the city we work in, we had to start all over again, but it’s picking up pretty fast. Its way out in the boonies, it’s about an hour walk across a field to get to the middle of it, so we’re trying to get the ZLs to let us get bikes out here.

We made chocolate pancakes. They were good.

Got a cold, but it’s all good now. So yeah-yah.

Olympics are over, so maybe we can get work done again. But Mongolia did get its first 2 gold medals ever, so it was worth it.

Burned my companions dear john letter and my shirt today, it was all like, yeah . . . we were happy but the branch missionary with us thought we were stupid.


DUDE, cheese

August 18, 2008

. . . there was much rejoicing.

We went out to tank and the river. We were going to walk the other 2 miles out to the Choibalsan sign but half way out everyone else crapped out, so we’re all going to go out next week.

My comp got his dear john today, but he’s happy ‘cause he guessed the month it would happen all the way back in the MTC. So now we have stuff to burn for his 6 month mark and my year in country.

Kung Fu Panda

August 17, 2008

The joke is actually two fold, one part python one part dumb and dumber. So anyways, uh, what to write about. Beat a branch missionary in wrestling by power-bombing him over my right shoulder. That was kinda cool; for the most part my brain is kinda fried. Seeing that I’m the only bi-lingual person in Choibalsan anymore, I spend a lot of time running around translating, running errands for the senior couples. They’re changing some stuff around in the church building, too, so I’ve been translating a lot between the church members and President Anderson (the branch president, not the mission president). It’s kind of a different dynamic, this is the only branch that as an American president, but that’s going to change within the next few months, we think. been going round trying to get to know all the branch members, found a lady that makes way sweet deels or just cloths with a Mongolian twist on it., we’re going to drop by there one p-day and see what the prices are like. She’s amazing; she’s had her stuff put on in the big shows and stuff in the city.

And then…. I ninja kicked Ganbold in the head. He cried.

How do you spell olimpi in English . . . Olympics yu mu? Anyways, everyone’s watching that, the judo wrestler got the first gold in Mongolian history, so everyone’s way stoked about that. I’ll admit, we had just finished a lesson when they turned the TV on right when it happened. I cheered.

ushuu… there’s a tank somewhere they tell me, we’re going to go take pictures on that, if the sisters ever actually get out of their house before the end of p-day.

I slid tackled on some rocks today. I didn’t know there were rocks. It hurt, but I stopped him from scoring.

mai chi

My official new nick name that I’ve had since I got here is kung fu panda. That works.

My cell phone really stinks. My investigators keep trying to call me and never get a connection, but I do get spam texts.

in geed

I’m done.

It’s Awesome Out Here

August 11, 2008

Yeah, it’s been cool out here. I think the thing that might describe my new companionship best is to cut a piece out of planning from a few days ago

Byrd- so who do we need to meet with tomorrow?

Nesbit- well, we’ve got a member family out in Tsinkher that the branch president wants us to go meet

Byrd- okay sweet, so what do I need to know about them?

Nesbit- their good, the daughter has work a lot, and the brother is blind.

Byrd- well, in that case we should just uuriiruu taniltsuulakh and sell him our dead parrot.

(Short pause followed by 5 minutes of explosive mirthful sounds)

Yeah, we’ve decided we may be the least intellectually and emotionally developed elders in the mission ergo work is awesome. We started out the week with basically no work and now we have 7 new good investigators and a lot of other stuff to do. I can’t spell my comps name in English. Nesbit is a southern Utah farmer, so by his own admission he knows two things very well, work and play. I like that. I dunno what else to say, it’s awesome out here. We’ve been doing a lot of service out at an orphanage. The guy out there loves us now. We pulled out a 4 ply thick wood floor, mangled the base beams out, and then filled the underside with about 15x25x3 feet of dirt, by hand. We did about a week and a half’s worth of work in 3 days. We pulled a lot of skin off our hands the first day and he didn’t think we’d come back, but we showed up the next day with our hands wrapped in gauze and went back to digging.

Cheese, yes. Companion also says yes.

And “big momma” owns you at clothesline volley-ball.

Ninja Camp

August 4, 2008

I was at ninja camp.

My LDS mail killed my last email, so I guess a recap.

Last p-day we went way out to the country and hung out on the side of a mountain, which is cool because I won’t see anyone else for 6 months because I live in Choibalsan. That’s the farthest east you can get.

When I got transfer calls Tuesday, president had to repeat a few things because district leader 😯 and Choibalsan were having a hard time finding a spot in my head to settle. But it’s cool now. Spent a lot of time saying good bye to people in Enkhtaivan, and we’re Mormons so there was much weeping. It doesn’t feel like 5 months passed, it went so fast. But most important, Sister Chukaa is going to send me candy. Sweet.

Just got to Choibalsan, my comp is sweet, my district is sweet, and I only slept an hour last night so it means it’s time to thrash the young men to assert my authority.