I Want to Drop Kick Someone

Things I don’t want to think about but I have to ym shig.

The mission president said he could write a letter to get me into BYU Idaho. Apparently the Mission President and the President of BYUI were College buds at Harvard Business School. He said he didn’t want me to lose what I had gained on my mission so he wanted me to think and pray about going there.

FREAK I don’t even know what to look at. I’ve drawn like 3 times my whole mission. chaavaas.
I’m actually looking at the BYU I homepage right now (I have permission) this is really uncomfortable.

And freak, these rules….. I’m used to missionary standards and these are annoying.



Anyways. I want to drop kick someone.

So. We had a baptism and stuff. My companion did the first baptism in Mongolian sign language in the history of the world. That was pretty nifty.

The Elder’s quorum president is now in running for “sweetest homie” on the face of the earth not only is he learning a ton of American slang to go along with his English, he goes with us as a gerch and has been helping us get the families of some of our younger investigators to church. He’s a stud; I love the man to death. Plus he has a car and drives us places, and drives our investigators around. He even took one guy from one end of town and all the way back to pick up his son from preschool.

Tegeed . . . yup.

It’s odd, but I just realized that I just had my last interview with President Andersen until my release interview.


District conference was this weekend. Translated 6 hours of material into sign language, only had a little help for a 30 minute gap. The Second councilor in the district presidency mentioned me in his talk (fortunately without name). Well not really a mention, it was kinda the theme of the whole talk. IT was about how the missionaries came over and asked them if they were having family home evening even though they were members going on 12 years or so. At first they scoffed it off, but realized they hadn’t been doing it for 2 years, and then realized how they had been missing that time together. So they did one the next week and fun was had by all. Brother Bayarjav aslo got the family of one of our investigators to the Sunday session as well, woo.

We had Zone conference yesterday. Also translated most of it, but got a 2 hours break, so it wasn’t as bad. Got called on to share what I had learned. It was basically “you’re not here long enough to do very much of anything anyways, so don’t even waste a couple seconds moping around and just go do something, even if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The theme of Zone conference was the atonement. It was sweet. The mission president shared the training he got as a 70 from the presidency of the 70. There was a big section on the difference between being clean and being sanctified. There was another on the combination of giving and receiving forgiveness. He also brought down the hammer on a lot of shenanigans in the mission: if you do not stop, you will go no home, no exceptions. Fortunately I’m not doing any of those.

Oh, and then they invited up a return missionary to talk about her mission, and she started going off on how there was this one elder she used to see 2 years ago that was massive angry elder that she didn’t like, not that she knew him, but she had heard a lot of stuff and the few times she saw him, she figured he was a bad person, then said it was cool that there were sign language elders and that there was translation now, and came and said thanks later. The funny part is she didn’t realize the person she spoke on and the person she spoke to were one and the same person. Mai Chi.

Tegeed. We blessed a really sick baby at the hospital, and now he’s all better. Woo.

Yeah life’s cool.

Tell blue son daddy loves him.


One Response to “I Want to Drop Kick Someone”

  1. Tamera Says:

    Hi, I think some people from my mom's ward might have served with you… They just came home and spoke in church sunday… They mentioned an Elder Byrd and how he taught a young girl sign language to help her learn to communicate with people.. Their last name is Olpin? They are a senior couple… Was that you? You can email me (Tamera) at tbovyer@yahoo.com Thanks

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