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For Once Ulaanbaatar is THE Place to Be

May 26, 2009

News, Sister Garrett got transferred back to the city. Lucky punk, for once all the country missionaries want to be in the city. Everybody and their dog wants to go to the conference. Yagaad gevel they’re going to found the Stake. Yeah, my group had been working to try to get that done before we go home, and now that it works out half of us have gone home or are in the country side missions.

Tegeed, I really need to shiidver gargakh about school. Blah.

My minds drawing a blank right now, its been a pretty nuts week.

On a completely stupid side note, we had a spontaneous “see who can do the most hands together in a triangle push ups” at church the other day. Everyone dropped out at about 7 or so, me and the branch mission leader got to 25 before just quitting, and my companion after bragging about how strong he is suddenly realized that your body is not a static system and that lots of eating plus sleeping though morning exercise equals face plant.

Started drawing again for the first time in 2 years, the part that surprised me is that i haven’t really forgotten that much. so i guess there’s still is hope about getting into school.

Is my sword getting rusty?

Well, It’s been a week. Feels like 3 minutes, why does time have to go by so fast at the end of a mission.

Tegeed, life in Darkhan is status quo. I guess if we can ever single out the reason for our weaknesses and submission to temptation it means we’re ready to get taken off of this rock. I realized the failure of the age old philosophical question of “Who am I?” is that if we were just meant to be a stagnant force, God would have left us as intelligences. “Who am I” is a testimony thing, “Who do I become” is a conversion thing. I realized this week how much I have to convert, but that in all actuality the Savior is with me. I had an experience this week that confirmed it in my mind beyond a shadow of a doubt. It had been another one of those days and nights where nothing was going right. I really wondered if I had done anything over the last 2 years, maybe I hadn’t done anything at all and just wasted the Lord’s time. At that moment a feeling of peace flooded over me, memories of people i had helped and things that had happened on my mission that I hadn’t thought about for months came back into my mind. At that moment, I knew Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are truly there and aware of us individually. I don’t know everything but I can now say without a shadow of a doubt as Nephi ” I know that he loveth his children. ” If there was no other way to gain that other than by being here, then I am glad I am here.


LOTS of Stuff Changes in 2 Days

May 18, 2009

We all know from Jacob 5 and the parable of the sower that success has less to do with the setting and more to do with the work you put into it.

Well, we talked about most everything over the phone. I have another investigator getting baptised in 2 weeks, or preparing to do so, another 3 weeks later. Going to Erdenet for a day to translate some interviews for the second councilor in the mission presidency. Fun, as in its not one of those fun topic interviews . . . tiim baina daa . . . Transfer calls are this week, my companion thinks hes going to switch and go to the other area. Maybe, the president has been bringing it up alot.

Everyone from Erdenet, Selenge and Darkhan went out to Amarbaysgalan Monastery. It was pretty cool; it is one of the huge ones the Russians never found to burn. Going to try and round up pictures of other peoples cameras. Ended up taking a lot of them myself. People shoved me their camera and said “you do it, you make my camera work better”.

The coolest part about it was just sitting in the back of the jammed micro bus (ie Korean van) and shooting the breeze. and in a moment of brilliance it was Elders Stevens, Stevenson and Me (we’re the three biggest in the mission) with Frisbee were all on the back axle. We went across a namag (whatever you call that thing were there is water under the dry ground) and got stuck. They then decided that it would be a good idea just to try to force it out. Not much happened but we dig succeed in digging the wheels half way down into the mud. So, in a feet of civil engineering, we jacked the van up, built a short rock road under it, and then pushed it out. This made the big guys very smelly and we were still sitting together in the back.

It was very hot today.

Anyways, life’s good. I have a half transfer left. That’s weird. I had a transfer left yesterday. Urjigdar I was in the basement of President Archibald’s in-laws. A lot of stuff changes in 2 days ym shig.

My English is getting progressively worse. When Elder Stevens and I talked to each other, it was easier to understand if you quick switched all the words into Mongolian so the grammar matched right. durp.

Stuff to bring: The artificial leg, how do you measure such a thing? Can we get the information and just send it or what?

If I had some basic first aid supplies I could do better than the doctors here. I can’t solve everything, but maybe a small stash of just over the counter stuff like Neosporin and other such things to leave at the couple’s house would be good. Consult with someone who knows what they’re doing to decide all what has the most wide use punch.

Tegeed . . . university . . . still pondering. It seems like a lot of RM’s from this mission go to BYUI. Still pondering it out though.

Love you. Give my mend to people.

I’m alive. My English is BAD.

May 12, 2009

Well, im going to call tomorrow morning so I don’t know what to write.

Translated an interview for the other deaf Elder. Never thought I would be translating for an Area 70, much less in Mongolian sign language. After the Zone Conference his wife came up to compliment me on how well I was doing, but I couldn’t generate understanable English, and at a certain point I just stopped trying to say anything and said thank you.

Elder Byambadorj got up at the end and started talking about his first transfer with me and then said sorry for being so stubborn. Everyone was laughing so hard you almost couldnt hear anything.

Other than that life is good. Got the books and foot ball. Companion is really happy. Translating everything into Mongolian for him, and at the end of the transfer I’m just going to give it all to him. At first he thought I was getting just for my self, but when I told him that they were for him and I would get everything into mongolian for him he was giddy. Imagine a little poor kid getting the prefect Christmas present he never thought he would get. My companion kinda looked like that. No macaroni here, but I can get you a wolf ankle bone pendant. That’s way cooler out here.

Love you Mommy.

Life Rolls On

May 5, 2009

Anyways, I finally got to do a service project for the first time in 3 months. We dug a potato field. It feels good to actually be working on something for once. I think I did more to help out the work in those three hours than the whole last transfer.

Life roles on, working and stuff. Brother Bayarjav is officially my most favorite person in Darkhan. No exceptions, well, maybe his wife and kids, but they are all kinda lumped together. Oh yeah, and he’s already invited you to dinner with his family when you come. He helps us out so much we almost feel bad taking it all. It’s kinda like that story about the 70 who was out interacting with some farmers in some Arabian nation that he didn’t even know the slightest about the language and the governor of the area stated “that man could charm a donkey or a king”. Brother Bayarjav is like that.

Tegeed. Stuff. I dunno. I only have 2 months left, 2 days under two months left. Bah.

Oh yeah, do you want to see Naadam this year?

I’ve been thinking bout where to go after I die: UA and BYUI. Huh, never thought I would even want to go to a school with BYU in it.

Art Shots

May 5, 2009