For Once Ulaanbaatar is THE Place to Be

News, Sister Garrett got transferred back to the city. Lucky punk, for once all the country missionaries want to be in the city. Everybody and their dog wants to go to the conference. Yagaad gevel they’re going to found the Stake. Yeah, my group had been working to try to get that done before we go home, and now that it works out half of us have gone home or are in the country side missions.

Tegeed, I really need to shiidver gargakh about school. Blah.

My minds drawing a blank right now, its been a pretty nuts week.

On a completely stupid side note, we had a spontaneous “see who can do the most hands together in a triangle push ups” at church the other day. Everyone dropped out at about 7 or so, me and the branch mission leader got to 25 before just quitting, and my companion after bragging about how strong he is suddenly realized that your body is not a static system and that lots of eating plus sleeping though morning exercise equals face plant.

Started drawing again for the first time in 2 years, the part that surprised me is that i haven’t really forgotten that much. so i guess there’s still is hope about getting into school.

Is my sword getting rusty?

Well, It’s been a week. Feels like 3 minutes, why does time have to go by so fast at the end of a mission.

Tegeed, life in Darkhan is status quo. I guess if we can ever single out the reason for our weaknesses and submission to temptation it means we’re ready to get taken off of this rock. I realized the failure of the age old philosophical question of “Who am I?” is that if we were just meant to be a stagnant force, God would have left us as intelligences. “Who am I” is a testimony thing, “Who do I become” is a conversion thing. I realized this week how much I have to convert, but that in all actuality the Savior is with me. I had an experience this week that confirmed it in my mind beyond a shadow of a doubt. It had been another one of those days and nights where nothing was going right. I really wondered if I had done anything over the last 2 years, maybe I hadn’t done anything at all and just wasted the Lord’s time. At that moment a feeling of peace flooded over me, memories of people i had helped and things that had happened on my mission that I hadn’t thought about for months came back into my mind. At that moment, I knew Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are truly there and aware of us individually. I don’t know everything but I can now say without a shadow of a doubt as Nephi ” I know that he loveth his children. ” If there was no other way to gain that other than by being here, then I am glad I am here.


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