One Month Left = NUTS!

Wow, yeah, I have a month left and the timer is running, that’s nuts.

Anyways, this week was mostly just working on the open house. Our church is in kind of an untraveled spot so we spent all week running around inviting people in. For 3 hours each of 5 days, 10 missionaries each talked to 30-40 people . . . that’s a lot of talking. It was sweet, sometimes circumstance keep me from doing ITLs (Invite to Learn) on other days, so it felt good to just have some unrestrained time to declare with the trump of my mouth. Pushed it a little hard though and got myself kind sick, it went from an inferno dust storm to a snow storm over one night, and I was just out in a field most of the time, so my immune system got punched in the face. Elder Frisbee just got it over fast and threw up. We both looked pretty nasty, I was kind of a pale gray with raccoon eyes, and Frisbee took on a beet red hue with white accents.

We did lots of service this week. I’ve been missing that. We moved a lady. Another church member’s fence got blown down in a dust storm, so we started putting it back up for her with the same old rotten logs because “oh, it will be fine” and then it seems to keep us from having to come back my point got proven when a brown out dust storm came in and knocked over what was left. So in said dust storm we reset the posts and nailed everything back up. It made for a rather nice instant feedback system on stability. We also roofed a parking garage. They used me and Elder Stevenson as living cranes to pull sand bags up onto the roof. I love leather work gloves, they make everything easy.

Anyways, announcing the Stake next Sunday, really want to go see that.

Tegeed, thinking about putting lamb wool liners in my leather jackets, a skin here goes for about six dollars. Can’t believe time goes by so fast.

Bolderdene’s baptism was Friday; he’s way sweet. One of those amazingly bright kids I wish I could smuggle somewhere he could get a better education. We’re trying to work out him getting a hearing aid. If he could get one better than the Russian junk here, he could hear perfectly fine. We are going to talk with the couples over Deseret International tomorrow.

Wow, I forgot my trainer was coming today, sweet.

Murphy flee before my wrath, flee with great haste, but just slow enough that I can see you open your mission call.

Interesting experience, worked hard enough this week that I was visibly skinnier than the Monday before . . . weird.

Anyways, life is life. Drinking from the bitter cup is easier if you just put some benzocaine on your tongue and grin.


2 Responses to “One Month Left = NUTS!”

  1. Lorraine Schleter Says:

    Hard to believe that two years went by so quickly. It feels like you just left a few months ago. Can't wait to see you again! 😀
    Crazy to hear how much work you've gotten done. Don't work yourself too hard! X3

  2. eurocracy Says:

    See ya back on facepunch desmerin!

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