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Three Baptisms and an Amazing Painting

July 21, 2008

A little rushed on time so this is going to be kinda of a short email. The high point of the week was the three people that went in for baptism this Friday. The first two are named Uuganbayar and Otronbayar. Their older brother is a member of the church, his name is Batmunkh (his missionary was my MTC teacher Brother Cannon, so that was kinda cool. At first their mom and dad had no interest, but now the mom has a baptismal date and comes to church about every Sunday, and the dad comes in and sits on the lessons, so it’s all getting pretty cool. (The mom is the lady that made me the awesome shirt, too).

The next family is one of my favorites. The mom, Dolgormaa and the son, Batsuren, were baptized almost 3 years ago but the father never became a church member. He was always in the county working and the missionaries could never keep track of him. His wife said it was also a little hard for him because he’s kind of a shy guy and by the time he got used to one set of elders they left. I’ve been working with him since I got to Enkhtaivan and I think his family is now some of my favorite people. I love being around them. The other cool thing was that his son was the one who got to baptize him. I was really happy to be apart of helping, and it’s going to be neat watching their 7 year old daughter grow up with both her parents as members of the church. The way the father put it was “I never have to worry about my son running around at night, fighting or getting into other trouble, and now they don’t have to worry about me.”

And then, I had an investigator give me a print of one of his paintings, he’s freaking amazing.

Time’s up!


Families We are Teaching

June 23, 2008

See June 9th for details.

Dolgormaa’s family:

EnkhTubshin, her sons and a ward member:

Dinks and Dunks

May 20, 2008

High points: baptism,

. . . and a car wreck with cops on the way to zone conference, cool right?

The senior junior thing has still been odd. I don’t want to do things by the fact that “I’M senior, YOU’RE junior”. We get along ok if we don’t talk about anything important and I don’t force my will on anything. Some planning sessions, companion studies, and inventories ended this week with him huffing and not talking to me for the hour. I remember being 15 and doing stuff like that to my mom; I wrote him and apologized today. I’ve been trying to compromise on as many things as I can this week. I realize that there’s about no personal behavior that’s so important that it can’t be set aside if it’s that important to your companion. There’s something powerful in giving; even if it doesn’t change the other person, it does something good for you.

Hmm, if this seems more like complaining than anything, Elder Byambadorj has a lot of potential to be a great Elder, he has a firm basis in the gospel, and his heart is good. We had one really good day together, we taught 2 lessons. They were sweet, beautiful lessons. The spirit was there, it got two people to commit to come to church.

I’m seeing a more definite need for happiness in missionary work. I’ve been, if not sad, agitated, for a large portion of the week. On the positive side, I’ve seen displays of love for my new members, old district members, and church members that touched my heart a lot this week. To relate one, some of the youth had been watching me all that Sunday. I know most of them pretty well. A few of them came over and started telling me dumb jokes and such until they had me laughing out loud. It was so simple, but that little thing was all I needed. I want to learn to be like them, to notice the one little thing someone needs to help them through the day.

I Got Mad Dunk Skills

April 27, 2008

Yeah, that was lame.

Anways, found out the camera was a pretty good price. Electronics are way expensive here. A Ho-hum camera is about 300.

So anyways, the baptisms were the younger brothers of our new member, they had all been going to different churches originally, but after bayarlkharvaa, the younger brothers got interested, and the parents that used to about hate us let us in the house now, and the mom shoots the breeze with us about the church. They all said they plan to work on their parents. 😀

Transfer calls are Wednesday, no freaking idea what’s going to happen. yaaxav dee

Random language note, I had a 30 minute conversation with a taxi driver who has a side job as a photographer about Photoshop, shooting styles, random ideas. I didn’t even know I could do that, was sweet (and got his referral, win)


February 9, 2008

I’m emailing early this week because of Tsagaan Sar (lunar new year).

So, Bolormaa (say it more like bothrmaa) was baptized Friday. She was way excited for it. One of the Elders who taught her 2 years ago did the baptism. In total, there were 5 people from our building branch that went in last Friday.

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There was a big branch activity Saturday. We all went down to a high school gym for a couple hours, played basketball, ate, drank, and wrestled. Cook and I would occasionally do standing stuffs on people just because we could. I got in another 15 minute match with our security guard, finally got him after sweeping both his legs from the inside. Arms were aching for the next 2 days.

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We had another escapade with persons on alcohol. Remember how Brother Peterson said we would one day be grateful for everything we had ever been through? That Saturday, I was grateful that I was adjusted to calming someone down as they’re thrashing out at you, being able to tell someone that there is a way out, and just the situation of being in a house like that.

I was the mouthpiece of the ordinance conferring the gift of the Holy Ghost to Bolormaa Sunday, so that was sweet.

Zone Conference was Tuesday. I actually understood almost all of it this time.

We did service Wednesday. Moved a lot of 10-15 firewood logs around. Just by weight and leverage we got it done faster because we could move one on our own. Also made fry bread.

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Package came, we’re all fine.


Baptism: Way Sweet

January 10, 2008

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The baptism was way sweet. Saraa was way excited. The water was freezing cold, though. I guess the water heater couldn’t keep up for that long. Her whole family sits in on the lessons, now. We found out almost her mom’s whole family is a member of the Church in Darkhan. We’re pretty stoked. The dad wants to learn way bad, but he works all day until winter breaks.
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The other thing of note is that PurevSukh served a mini mission with us this week; he’s going on a full time mission this February. He’s a way sweet kid. He works at a computer place, draws, and plays CS, so breaking the ice was easy, and he’s a stud of a teacher. He was good enough that I went on a split with one of our branch members so we could do twice the work. It was kind of a punch in the face to take the lead doing work for a few days. It forced my language and teaching ability up through the roof; and we picked up a lot of new investigators from it. We have 10 that are going to have baptismal dates this week.