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Alternate Site Until SPAM Issue is Resolved

October 27, 2008

Sorry for the incovenience but Elder Byrd’s letters are being posted at blogspot until the tech geeks use their magic API key (and whatever else may be required) to fix the spam issue as promised 08/19/08. I have been doing damage control but the semester is getting more hectic and no one I know has these problems at blogspot.


A Map with Tags!

July 11, 2008

I finally found a map of Ulaanbaatar with enough detail to see what is going on.

Official Word on Riots

July 2, 2008

From the mission president: You maybe aware from news reports that an election related riots occurred in Mongolia’s capital city yesterday. There have been no serious incidents involving our missionaries. All of our missionaries are safely in their apartments. They will remain there until the situation has returned to normal. We will continue to monitor the events closely. The primary priority will be the safety of our missionaries.

From mom: Now this definitely put the rest of my “problems” in perspective!

No News Yet

April 12, 2008

No news from Mongolia yet this weekend, but Mom won a football autographed by Nick Saban!

 She would glady trade it for her email . . .  😥

Happy New Year!!!

January 2, 2008

FINALLY got to hear Elder Byrd’s voice.  SWEET! 😀

That’s Just How He Rolls

December 4, 2007

Some things have changed a lot, while others not so much.

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Branch Outing

October 14, 2007

Can you find Elder Byrd? MOM did not spot him until the THIRD look! 😳

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Where are the cookies?

September 16, 2007

Having sent Elder Byrd a parcel of cookies through, this week’s communication is a bit sparse; upon the query about the cookies, I received this:

I have recieved no torty goodness, but it would take things forever and a half to get out here, and we have to go to the city to get our mail.

And tell the red headed step children I said “yu ‘ain daa?!”

First contact, part deux

July 5, 2007

My first contact email was somewhat more involved. I got THIS:

Subject: sonin yu ve?

Sain bain. Bi both adz jarglthtai. Minie xhamthratch goyah. Xooth both…. paax. Bi Mongolth xhethex bixhej, ashgyui deeh!


The only bit I’ve been able to translate is the subject line, which basically translates to “Wazzup?”
I wrote back:

Bi mongol khel medekhgui!!

…which translates to “But I don’t SPEAK Mongolian!!”

My son, the wise-ass. I’m so proud!

First Contact

June 29, 2007

Yesterday, I received the following email.

Subject: sain baihn oo?

Body: Mtc has email.

Jokes on me (again).  Once when he was just learning to speak, I tried to get him to say his new words for my mom.  He shot me a look that he would later describe as crosshairs coming out of his eyes and didn’t say a word for the rest of the visit.   The good news is that when he has spoken, it has always been worth the wait.