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Small World

March 30, 2008

Hi:  We met these two great Elders yesterday at the Church Service Center in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.  Looks like Elder Byrd is having a little difficulty reading Mongolian! We are serving a mission here as well. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket We come from Tallahassee Florida, and have family in Brewton AL going to church in Jay, FL.  They are the Sessions and Lands.  Elder Byrd’s family may have run into them in their travels to visit relatives in south Alabama.  The Elders are doing great, looking healthy and happy.  Thanks for all that you do to support them in the mission field.  Elder and Sister Clark, Country Directors of Welfare and Humanitarian Services


Small World

July 5, 2007

Yeah, thursday is P-day .  .  . I have letters and photos I’ve been meaning to send back, but I havent bought any stamps yet. As far as a shopping list: Camera with cards, floride rinse, a box to send the palm charger back, a bathrobe, contact solution/saline, and a cat named Fifi. And could you send me the email addies for murphy and lorraine?
 . . . 
Oh yeah, I found Elder Ficklin. He’s going to Mexico, we snagged a couple pictures. He looks so much like his dad.

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