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Official Word on Riots

July 2, 2008

From the mission president: You maybe aware from news reports that an election related riots occurred in Mongolia’s capital city yesterday. There have been no serious incidents involving our missionaries. All of our missionaries are safely in their apartments. They will remain there until the situation has returned to normal. We will continue to monitor the events closely. The primary priority will be the safety of our missionaries.

From mom: Now this definitely put the rest of my “problems” in perspective!


From the Mission President

September 3, 2007

What a great way to start the week:

3 September 2007

Sister Andersen and I were excited to greet your son at the airport on August 31. He looked tired after the long flight but was grateful to finally be here in Mongolia to begin his Mongolia missionary service.

I know he has had excellent preparation in the MTC for his assignment here. We also had the chance to meet him at the MTC in June with the other missionaries in his group, and we were so impressed to be receiving such fine missionaries.

Your son will grow during his missionary service, both spiritually and emotionally. The Mongolian people are extremely kind and love to associate with our foreign missionaries. They have a deep desire to learn English. He will develop a taste for the local food and with reasonable care, it is safe to eat. He will develop a love for the Mongolian people and will develop a sincere desire to have them come unto Christ and be baptized into His Church. He will have many wonderful experiences to relate to you when he returns home at the end of his mission.

I had the opportunity of interviewing your son on August 31. He was full of enthusiasm for the work. I feel assured that he will be an excellent representative of the Lord.

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Made for This Country

September 1, 2007

So yeah, I’m writing this epic email when all the computers in the internet cafe suddenly restart. So here’s the reader’s digest. Didn’t sleep the whole 40 hours in transit to Mongolia, placed a Korean Book of Mormon in the airport, which they were still reading later, went to Zaicen where the land was dedicated, went out for 2 1/2 hours in the gert districts my first day out, sat down and talked with a lot of people, and got 15 invitations to come back and teach. Had an interview with President Anderson, who is awesome, ate some of Bat Bolthd’s wife’s excellent cooking for dinner, finally got 6 hours of straight sleep after 3 days, got my trainer and assignment- Elder Rodriguez and the city of Bogendor (it’s a little east of UB). And then I came here. So yeah, I’m happy, well fed, and ready to go to work.

Random facts: A lot of Mongolian’s are fascinated by how big Americans can get, they also like people who can wrestle and fight, and have talent in any kind of art or music. And Counter Strike is apparently stupid popular in some of the cities (I didn’t even start the conversation, some of the native Mongolian Elders were talking about it). It’s like I’m made for this country 😎